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Free 20-Point Inspection Checklist

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Our 20-point inspection is perfect for the homeowner who wants to check that their basement is secure.

Ask any questions you want - We're here to help!

Zero Obligation. Zero Hassle.

Free 20-Point Inspection

All Estimates & Inspections are completely FREE and come with
Zero Obligations and Zero Hassle. That's Our Promise.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do It Yourself (DIY)!

Our 20-point inspection is great for those who want to Do-It-Yourself.

We'll come to your home and run through our 20-point inspection checklist. We'll discuss the areas of weakness or concern, and advise you on how to correct the problems.

You can then Do-It-Yourself or request a quote from Team EverDry.

Our 20-point inspection covers you INSIDE and OUTSIDE

Below is a list of options that we typically perform
on your foundation, basement, or crawlspace.

If you would like additional areas inspected, please notify your inspector upon arrival.


Indoor Mold Test
Electrical Hazards
Rust, Corrosion
Structural Integrity
Insect Control
Pest Entry
Energy Loss
Floor Joist Support
Wall Cracks, Failure
Safety, Health Assessment


Gutters, Downspouts
Surface Drainage
Frostline Cracks
Settling Foundation
Original Waterproofing
Storm Water Run-off
Insect Damage
Dry Rotted Sill Plates
Uneven Concrete
Photo Documentation

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