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EverDry Toledo in Bowling Green, OH

Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Service in Bowling Green, OH

Premier foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Bowling Green, OH.
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About EverDry Toledo

We have been providing basement waterproofing and foundation repair services across Michigan and Ohio for over 35 years. At EverDry Toledo, we take pride in the fact that we have served over 80,000 basements, crawl spaces, and slab houses.

We understand that having a flooding basement can be stressful, and that’s why our highly trained team works hard to ensure that our customers receive a worry-free experience. Our goal is to provide outstanding service!

In addition, as a leader in research and development of waterproofing solutions, we constantly strive to stay ahead and develop innovative products and services that transform the industry and keep your basement dry.


Thanks to our efforts to provide exceptional service to our customers, we have been granted numerous awards over the years that recognize us as a top provider of foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Ohio, and Michigan.

These recognitions include the HBA Subcontractor Award and the Location of the Year Award.

To learn more about our accomplishments, visit our Awards & Honors page.

Community & Charity Involvement

At EverDry Toledo, we are passionate about bringing value to the Bowling Green community, as well as the other communities we serve within Ohio and Michigan.

Some of the local organizations and events we have supported have been Beach House Family Center, Wounded Warriors, and Sylvania Firefighters Pancake Breakfast.

Visit our Community & Charity Involvement page for more information.


Explore our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in Bowling Green, OH.

Basement Waterproofing

Prevent water from entering and damaging your basement with our waterproofing services. Basement waterproofing solutions typically involve installing advanced drainage systems, recoating walls, and more.

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Foundation Crack Injections

We can help you restore the structural integrity of your walls with our foundation crack injection service. This process involves injecting a special sealant into the cracks in your basement walls, which then hardens and seals the cracks.

Learn more

Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement is ideal for those whose foundations cannot be repaired using common methods due to irreparable damage. This service is only feasible in extreme cases. We offer a one-year warranty for rebuilt walls.

Learn more

Mold Prevention

We will remove any mold and mildew in your basement during our basement waterproofing process. Plus, since your basement is completely waterproofed, mold won't be a problem anymore.

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What Do Customers Think About Our Basement Waterproofing in Bowling Green, OH?

We are one of the best providers of basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Bowling Green, Ohio and hundreds of real testimonials back us up.

The crew is professional and hardworking, very polite and considerate. I highly recommend EverDry for basement repairs. I give a five star review for these young people. Many thanks.

Daniel W.

The crew was responsible, structured, timely, and professional. They had been in communication the entire time. They cleaned after their job and kept it as cleanly as possible.

James L.

Foreman was very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to talk to with a hard working crew. They communicated with me about what they were doing each step and how the system works.

Rob G.

I was amazed. They did an excellent. job! The crew was fun and professional to work with.

Alice J.

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Not ready to hire us for your basement waterproofing in Bowling Green, Ohio? We have a wealth of resources that you can explore to learn more about our services and solutions.

Why Choose EverDry for Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Bowling Green, OH?

Learn why people prefer us as their provider of basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Bowling Green, OH.

1. Award-Winning Company

As an award-winning basement waterproofing and foundation repair company, we guarantee that you will be happy with our workmanship and customer service.

2. 35+ Years of Experience

With over 35 years of experience helping homeowners solve their foundation problems, we are able to assist you with any problem you may have, no matter how difficult it may seem.

3. Leaders in Research & Development

In addition to offering exceptional services, we also focus on developing innovative and effective basement waterproofing solutions to help our customers keep their basements dry.

How Do We Waterproof Your Basement?

Every case is different, which is why we offer you several waterproofing options. We can help you decide which one is best for your basement.

Option 1: Interior Waterproofing

Includes the installation of an advanced drainage system that redirects water from your foundation to the exterior of your home.

Option 2: Exterior Waterproofing

This method includes repairing cracks in the walls, updating drain tiles, wall cleaning and recoating, and more.

Option 3: Multi-Step System

Our Multi-Step System is the most complete solution for waterproofing your basement. This solution includes interior and exterior waterproofing.

Climate in Bowling Green, OH

Bowling Green is characterized by warm summers and snowy winters, it is also partly cloudy year-round in this area.

In addition, the temperature usually ranges from 19°F to 84°F throughout the year.

Usually, the wetter season lasts 6.1 months, from March to September, and there are over 88 days of rain annually.

Considering that there are more than 80 rainy days in Bowling Green throughout the year, homeowners are advised to waterproof their basements to avoid any flooding incidents.

How Does Water Get Into Your Basement?

One of the most common reasons for water to enter your basement is through cracks in the foundation.

These cracks can occur due to hydrostatic pressure from the accumulation of water in the soil around the house.

If you don’t waterproof your basement, existing cracks will become larger and new cracks will start appearing over time due to the constant hydrostatic pressure against your foundation.

If you want to learn more, check out our article on Common Sources of Water in Basement.

Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

If you notice any of these symptoms, then you should probably take action as soon as possible.

  • Visible water
  • Damp, musty odor (the “typical” basement smell)
  • Cracks in your basement walls or floors
  • Bowed walls
  • Mold, and mildew
  • Rusted appliances
  • Peeling paint

Not sure if you should waterproof your basement? Contact us to schedule a free inspection in Bowling Green, Ohio, and we will help you determine the severity of your problem.

Warning Signs You Have an Unstable Foundation

Water infiltration problems are not the only thing you should be concerned about. These signs indicate that you may have foundation problems.

  • Sloping interior floors
  • Unsquared windows
  • Unsquared doors
  • Exterior stair-step cracks
  • Diagonal cracks at the corners of windows and doors
  • Chimneys that have separated from the house
  • Nails popping out of the drywall

If you find one or more of these symptoms, it is important to call an expert immediately to avoid serious problems with your home's foundation.

Give us a call at (419) 469-5833 or use this form to request a free quote or schedule a free inspection.

If you want to learn more, check out our article on Signs of Sinking Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Bowling Green, Ohio

Learn more about getting foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Bowling Green, OH.

Where Can I See Your Previous Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Projects in Bowling Green, OH? 

If you want to see our projects on basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Bowling Green, and other areas within Ohio and Michigan, you can check our Photo Gallery.

How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Basement in Bowling Green, OH? 

The cost of basement waterproofing in Bowling Green, Ohio will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the problem, the type of the problem, and more. Contact us to request a free quote and learn how much you will pay.

How Do You Prevent Basement Flooding During Heavy Rain? 

Some things that you can do to prevent basement flooding during heavy rain include annually inspecting lateral sewer lines, sealing basement window wells and exterior openings, and cleaning gutters regularly.

Even though these tips can help prevent basement flooding, the most effective solution is always to waterproof your basement.

Is Foundation Repair Necessary? 

Foundation repair may be necessary if there are visible signs of foundation damage, such as cracks in the foundation walls, uneven or sloping floors, or doors and windows that don't close properly.

Foundation problems can worsen over time, leading to structural damage and potentially compromising the safety of your building.

Is Foundation Repair Permanent? 

Most foundation repair solutions can be considered permanent, however, several factors influence the longevity of the repair.

These can include uncontrollable factors, such as earthquakes or extreme weather conditions, and controllable factors, such as the quality of the repair and the materials used.

To ensure that the duration of your repair won’t be affected by controllable factors, you must hire a trustworthy provider of foundation repair in Bowling Green, OH such as EverDry Toledo.