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Foundation Crack Injections

When you choose the high pressure crack injection method to fix the cracks in your poured concrete walls in Toledo and surrounding areas, you can rest assured that you will have:

No More Leaks: The high pressure method forces the bonding agent deep within the crack, ensuring that no space goes unfilled. The result? The water leakage stops.

No More Worries: A big question on many customers’ minds in Toledo is, “what if the cracks come back?” We calm those fears by giving you a 5 year warranty, and with over 100 employees and 20 service vehicles, we are never more than a phone call away for minor adjustments as necessary.

Keep moisture and unwanted critters out of your basement with foundation crack injections! Get other tips to prevent mice from entering your home and identify insects that thrive in dark, damp basements – an early indication of moisture issues.