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Foundation Crack Injections for Basement Crack Repair

Is your foundation cracked or showing signs of water seepage? A secure foundation is one of the most important elements in your home. If you’re in northern Ohio or southeast Michigan, we can perform a foundation repair quickly and easily with foundation crack injections.

When you find signs of a crack, it must be corrected immediately to prevent further damage. Our foundation crack repair method will fix the cracks in your poured concrete walls, giving you peace of mind.

No More Basement Leaks! Our repair method forces the bonding agent deep within the crack, ensuring no space goes unfilled. The result? Basement water seepage stops.

No More Worries! A big question on many customers’ minds is, “what if my foundation cracks come back?” Not to worry! EverDry Toledo provides a lifetime service agreement. With over 100 employees and 20 service vehicles available, we are never more than a phone call away.

"If you notice cracking on the inside of the foundation, you will find three to four times as many cracks outside."

Popular Science Magazine

How Your Basement Wall Cracks

Stage One

What You See: Minimal water seepage, if anything.

What's Happening: The outside surface of your basement wall cracks first. Water penetration begins.

Stage Two

What You See: Mold, peeling paint, chalky substance, dampness, or other visible damage.

What's Happening: Cracks deepen, allowing water about half-way through your wall.

Stage Three

What You See: Water is inside your basement. Visible damage worsens.

What's Happening: Cracks reach inside your basement.

Stage Four

What You See: Bowing, buckling, structural damage.

What's Happening: Cracks increase, resulting in serious structural problems.