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What do Homeowners Really Think of EverDry Toledo? Find Out!

Everdry Waterproofing Customer Reviews

"We have been nothing but impressed with EverDry so far and can’t wait to enjoy our basement."

Sherry Y.

My basement was a swimming pool whenever it rained or we had a snow melt. It was coming in the walls and there was no stopping it. We called EverDry Toledo and the person who came to see us was very knowledgeable and supplied a number of options to solve the issue. We elected to have them go ahead with the best plan and the crew started the work soon afterwards. Frankly it was a mess as they had to trench the inside and outside of the house to put in new footers, drainage tiles and a sump pump. The crew worked efficiently and were god about communicating as the job went along. Since this was done. we have had no leakage at all... bone dry and even with the lake that forms in the back yard after heavy rain there is no sign of it getting into the house! I highly recommend EverDry Toledo! I have recommended them to neighbors and one of them is having work done this week!

Stephen S.


We are having this done to get rid of mold issues. My wife is always exhibiting allergy symptoms. I will feel better knowing my family isn't exposed to so much moisture and mold. It will be a relief to know the damage to the property has been stopped.

Glenn S.

Our recent experience with EverDry was very good. Tracey, Ralph, Chris, Joe, and Don were all very hard, exceptional workers. The crew has been extremely courteous at all times and very informative to what and why they were doing things. Everyone was neat and treated our home and property with care. I have never had such a pleasant crew to work with in my home and still get the job done with no disruption of our daily life. Thanks for everything! We want to tell our friends about your company because these men were great!

Stan E.

We are very pleased with the crew and how they tackled our basement! The foreman was polite and answered all our questions and concerns. Everything has been neatly cleaned up too! They arrived on time every day they were here. We would highly recommend EverDry for ANY basement work!


I am very impressed, not only with the work that EverDry has cone, but also with their professionalism. Everything was done well and in a timely manner. EverDry went above and beyond what I had expected and I am very pleased.

Rachel M.

The “EverDry Process” is clearly understood by each member of the EverDry team that worked for us. This started with the young gentleman that knocked on our door. The team has been friendly, conscientious, and timely in their work. The work is difficult and very dirty. Yet every effort was made to keep the dirt from entering the main house. It has been clear that the process is directed to benefit the customer, and the customer is #1! It will not be very comforting to know that the integrity of our basement will be 100% backed by EverDry.

Larry D.

My experience with EverDry was a good one, from start to finish. My sales rep was great because he went through every step. He walked around the house explaining what was going to be done and what had to be done. He was very friendly and full of information. When the work crew got there they were very professional. They knew just what they had to do. They came in and got the job done. They were polite and answered any and all questions that my wife or I had. They left the job space clean and I was very, very happy with the total job that was done.

Curtis S.

I would just like to say that I had a wonderful experience working with your company. The team leader was very professional and did the work in a timely and efficient manner. Workers were polite and knew their jobs very well. They all worked well together and made the job move smoothly. I would be glad to refer them given the chance.

My thanks to all of you!

Daryl S.

What can I say about the Toledo Team EverDry? WOW, what hard workers. From the time they entered my home until the time the day was over, they were always hard at work. They all seemed to know just what their jobs were for that day and worked together to accomplish it.


Prep and cleanup was well organized. When they arrived and came into my home, they always took care to cover the floors where they were to walk. They carefully covered all appliances and extras down in the basement. The cleanup was great also. The basement, the sidewalks, the garage floor, and the driveway was all sprayed and swept off. The yard was a mess before Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan’s Team EverDry arrived. As an extra Tommy cleaned up my yard of all concrete chunks and raked it out a little. Thanks Tommy! When they left you could hardly tell they had ever been.


Communication was unsurpassed. Chris always kept me involved at the beginnings and ends of each step. Always wanting to know my opinion and asking for input on all important decisions.


Caring was also an issue. I have two small children and a dog. The team always informed me when my dog got outside and they were all very polite and considerate of my children. Overall Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan’s Team EverDry did an awesome job that will last. Of course there are always little misses and oversights, but when they are called, they will be there to fix the issues! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Oh and Chris, keep on singing Garth~ You always made the day a little bit more cheery!

Rebecca R.

I was impressed with the speed and professionalism of the crew. The job was completed with breath- taking speed, but the crew was efficient, and not sloppy. I have to say I was dreading the prospect of a long, drawn out construction project with over-runs and excuses. Instead EverDry gave me a 3-day miracle. The crew handled the peculiarities of my basement creatively and carefully. Great job!

Bryan B.

The crew was fantastic; very polite, very professional. They did a beautiful job on our basement and outdoors! They explained everything so we understood what was going on. Matt was so thorough in explaining everything wonderfully. We would recommend EverDry with 100% confidence in the work and equipment, but most of all your employees. 

Beverly K.

Having EverDry waterproof my basement has been a good experience. It will be nice to get to use the space for storage without the fear of losing something to water damage. The men have answered all my questions and have been very respectful to me. They were all clean workers for such a dirty job and such a joy to talk to! Thank you guys so much!

Stephanie M.

We have been very impressed by our site foreman José and his crew. They have arrived each day when they said they would, the crew right to work and they work hard all day long. Jose is professional, knowledgeable, and really works hard to please the customer. He took time out each morning to talk to my husband and I and has been very accommodating. He’s encouraged us to ask questions and to let us know if we have any concerns with something he or a member of his crew has done. The best part for me was not being made to feel dumb because I had questions or didn’t understand something. If only all service people were this way! We have been nothing but impressed with EverDry so far and can’t wait to enjoy our basement. Kudos to EverDry for such a great crew, especially Jose, who we would highly recommend for any work.

Sherry Y.

My experience with EverDry has been a pleasure. This was a very large expense, so I had very high expectations. The salesman can out to my home to discuss conditions and scope of work. The gentleman was very professional and a joy to deal with. The service team arrived as promised, and has done a great job. I dealt with José and Jim and they were both very courteous and respectful of me, my home, and their team! Everyone worked together very productively. I am so looking forward to enjoying my new basement! Thank you!


We are very happy with the work EverDry did for us. They were courteous and hardworking. They steadily worked until the job was completed. They cleaned up their messes. When it rained they worked right through it with no complaints. We highly recommend them!


My experience with EverDry, from the initial estimate to the completion of the work, was made as painless as possible by their knowledgeable salesman and work crew. The salesman explained everything that would be done before hand and the foreman walked me through the entire process by explaining everything they were doing and why they were doing it that specific way. Everyone was friendly and hardworking and did everything possible to minimize the impact that the job caused on my daily life. The work was speedily done and finished within the time frame quoted. I will definitely recommend EverDry to anyone who has water problems with their foundation.

Ian D.

EverDry saved my basement! Everyone that came to my house kept me informed of what dangers were present, and what needed to be done they worked hard, and quickly to get the job done within a few days but to also get the job done right. Jose was awesome at communicating with me, both with what needed to be done and what changes needed to take place to get the job done right. Jose was very through in educating me on how to operate the easy breathe, sump pumps, and how to maintain everything after the job was completed. Excellent job!

Clayton C.

Jose and his crew did a fine job while working on my basement and outside drainage system. Jose explained everything that would be happening and why. He and his crew were very polite and respectful and made sure that my property was disturbed as little as possible. Jose was open to questions and asked for my input as things went along. The whole crew worked to satisfy me, the customer. Quality control and following the contract I thought was the most important thing to them and me. I am very happy with my experience and with EverDry!

Robert D.

The crew was very courteous and informative. They explained everything that they were going to do before they did it and made sure my wife and I understood. The crew kept us up to date on the progress while working and all our questions were answered. I would definitely recommend EverDry to anyone looking to have their basement waterproofed by professionals.

Brad E.

EverDry did a wonderful job on our basement. All of the employees were very nice, friendly and knowledgeable. We received step by step instructions daily on what was being done and why. Our questions were answered thoroughly in a way that we understood perfectly. Our house was left clean daily. We look forward to finishing our basement and spending many years in our new “man cave” and we have EverDry to thank for that.

Colleen J.