Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Summertime Waterproofing Inspection

By:    |   Published August 24, 2015
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Summer is the season for sun, fun, relaxing outdoors. The last thing on your mind is a basement inspection. Yet summer is the perfect time of year to have an inspection completed. We’ve got five great reasons why a summertime waterproofing service has its advantages.

#1 Perfect Timing

Most people only think about waterproofing their basement when flooding happens. That’s why the busiest time of the year for waterproofing inspections and repair calls is in the spring. Few consider having their basements inspected when they’re nice and dry.

#2 Ease

Even the slightest bit of water in the basement can make conducting a proper waterproofing inspection difficult. It is very rare for a basement to flood during the summer. That means it will be much easier for your inspection team will be able to get in and get the job done.

#3 Perfect Weather for Summertime Waterproofing

The dry weather during the summer months makes it an ideal time for us to come out and inspect your basement and foundation. There’s no snow or ice to try to dig through. Plus, the chances of finding standing water in the basement that needs to be dealt with before and inspection is reduced.

#4 Faster Repairs

If any issues are found in your foundation or basement, it’ll be much easier for Team EverDry to make necessary repairs. Although there are tools and equipment available that enable us to clear out snow and ice before we start digging, excavation around a home goes much faster when the ground is dry and soft.

#5 Saves Money

It’s much easier to fix a potential waterproofing problem before any flooding takes place. Removing large amounts of water from a basement is a time-consuming and expensive process. Flooding in your basement can also damage any belongings you may have in the area and also put you at risk for developing mold in your home. Having your foundation and basement inspected and repaired before the wet weather hits will save you not just time, but also money.

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