Why Do You Need a Sump Pump for Your Basement?

By:    |   Published February 23, 2018

Some parts of your home do their job without you even realizing it; a sump pump is one of those things. It’s surprisingly common for many home owners to know very little about their pumps unless it’s not working correctly. Because of this, some new homeowners may ask “why do you need a sump pump at all?” Read on to discover the risks of foregoing this crucial part of protecting your home.

6 Surprising Uses for Your Sump Pump

By:    |   Published May 26, 2016

The humble sump pump – odds are, you never think about it, that is unless it stops working. Then it becomes the most important thing on your mind. You probably know that a sump pump’s primary job is to keep your basement water-free. They’re typically submerged in a shallow well – called a sump basin – in the lowest spot of the area. As the outside groundwater seeps downward through drains or by natural flow, it’s directed to the crock. When the water rises to a certain level, a float switch triggers the sump pump to activate, pumping the water through drains away from the house, leaving you with a dry, livable area. read more