Why Is My Sump Pump Always Running?

By:    |   Published March 15, 2024

Sump pumps are essential for keeping basements dry, actively working to remove water and protect your home from the potential damage caused by flooding. They are the unsung heroes of basement waterproofing, lying quietly in the corner of your basement until needed. However, a sump pump that’s always running is not just an overachiever; it could signify issues that might compromise its efficiency and the safety of your home. read more

Tips to Avoid Sump Pump Failure & Water Damage to Your Home!

By:    |   Published October 10, 2023

A sump pump is often an unsung hero in home maintenance, quietly working away in your basement or crawl space to keep your home dry and safe. However, like any other household appliance, sump pumps can fail—and when they do, the results can be disastrous. In this blog, we will explore the signs that indicate your sump pump may be failing, the risks associated with sump pump failure, and best practices to avoid these problems in the first place. read more

Why Do You Need a Sump Pump for Your Basement?

By:    |   Published February 27, 2023

Some parts of your home do their job without you even realizing it; a sump pump is one of those things. It’s surprisingly common for many home owners to know very little about their pumps unless it’s not working correctly. Because of this, some new homeowners may ask “why do you need a sump pump at all?” Read on to discover the risks of foregoing this crucial part of protecting your home.

Common Sump Pump Failure Causes & How You Can Keep Your Home Dry

By:    |   Published July 31, 2020

Heavy rains can pour millions to billions of gallons of water in your area. All that water has to go somewhere, and it’s almost assuredly going to include your property. When water starts to reach your home, your sump pump kicks into action – pushing water out of the pit and away from your property. Sump pump failure happens often, and it leaves your home vulnerable to rapid intakes of water. read more

6 Surprising Uses for Your Sump Pump

By:    |   Published May 26, 2016

The humble sump pump – odds are, you never think about it, that is unless it stops working. Then it becomes the most important thing on your mind. You probably know that a sump pump’s primary job is to keep your basement water-free. They’re typically submerged in a shallow well – called a sump basin – in the lowest spot of the area. As the outside groundwater seeps downward through drains or by natural flow, it’s directed to the crock. When the water rises to a certain level, a float switch triggers the sump pump to activate, pumping the water through drains away from the house, leaving you with a dry, livable area.

What you may not know is that the humble sump pump can also be a versatile workhorse. It can be used for a variety of around-the-house projects that involve draining or pumping, as long as the water is relatively clean. Sump pumps are relatively inexpensive, and it’s always a good idea to have a second one as a backup. We found 6 surprising alternative uses for that backup sump pump that can make difficult jobs surprisingly easy.

#1 Draining the Hot Water Tank read more