Know the Signs of Water in Basements to Keep Your Home Moisture Free!

By:    |   Published October 30, 2020

Whether you have a “Michigan” basement, a partially finished basement, or your basement if a fully finished completely functional living space it is important to know the signs of water in basements to keep your home moisture free and your foundation strong and solid for years to come. We’ll take a closer look at six of the signs of water in basement areas and how to address them. Knowing how to keep your basement dry is an important part of protecting your home’s foundation.

White Stains (Efflorescence)

Efflorescence may sound like something attractive or desirable, but it isn’t an interior design statement. Efflorescence is the chalky spots that appear on various surfaces as a result of evaporating water. It is relatively easy to clean away these chalky stains and efflorescence isn’t harmful in and of itself. While not every case of efflorescence is directly related to a water leak, it is highly likely that when you observe signs of efflorescence – especially if it’s reoccurring – it’s a good indicator there’s water in your basement.

Wet Spots on Walls or Floor

There is certainly no better sign of water in your basement than finding water in your basement! Sometimes condensation from uninsulated pipes or appliances can be the source of moisture. However, if you are sure that isn’t the case and you don’t have any leaky pipes, then most likely any pooling water or wet spots appearing on walls or floors came from outside. These obvious signs of water in your basement mean it’s time for an inspection.

Visible Cracks

Cracks generally begin as very tiny, hairline breaks in your foundation. Over time, they expand due to hydrostatic pressure outside your home pushing on your foundation.  Sealing cracks that are caught early when they are small can quickly solve a problem before it becomes a substantial (and expensive) issue to contend with. Keep this in mind whenever you see cracks – no matter how small – or any signs of water in the basement. The old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine,” could be revamped and applied to moisture in your basement, “Sealing a crack when it’s small saves a major overhaul.”

Mold Growth

No homeowner has ever wanted to find mold growing in their house! Mold is certainly a telltale sign of excess moisture. Mold in your basement is a sign of water in your basement because mold needs a constant source of moisture in order to grow and thrive.

Mold can appear in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so it isn’t always easy to spot mold. It is possible for mold to be toxic to you, family members, and even pets! Unfortunately, some homeowners believe that cleaning mold alleviates the problem. But mold will just continue to return if the source of moisture isn’t eliminated.  If you’ve found mold, contact EverDry right away for an inspection to identify the source of its moisture and reach a solution to get rid of the mold for good.

Musty Odors

Often your nose is the first indicator of mold growth and yet another sign of water in your basement. What may be invisible to your eyes but hard for your olfactory senses to miss is the musty odor radiating from your basement. This is actually good news for you and your basement because mold can be lurking in places that are impossible to see, even behind drywall! However, the nose knows and can alert you to issues that aren’t in plain sight. Musty odors warrant a good inspection to make sure there’s no hidden damage going on. Mold growths can be sneaky, so it’s best to address them right away.

Insect Infestation

Unfortunately, there are an abundance of crawly critters like roaches, crickets, rats, spiders and ants to name a few who love wet, dark spaces in your home just as much as mold does. These insects and rodents are happy to camp out uninvited when they discover that your basement has everything they need. An occasional spider isn’t cause for alarm, but when you notice a growing infestation of insects or critters in your home it’s time to take action. Water in the basement is a great reason for them to stick around – and invite their family and friends!

This is just a “wild” example of that! Check out the snake we found in a homeowner’s crawlspace in one of our recent inspections!

Read the full story about this and other crazy finds during a home inspection on Agent Advice.

Excessive humidity can be as much of an incentive as freestanding water. Both will provide the ideal habitats for insects and mold. Harboring either of these means you may have an air quality issue that needs to be addressed.

When you know the signs of water in basements you can take the right steps to help keep your home moisture free, your basement dry, and protect your home’s foundation.

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