Is Basement Waterproofing Worth It? Absolutely – Here’s Why!

By:    |   Published August 31, 2020
A worker waterproofing a residential basement

Owning a home comes with many expenses – some planned, some unplanned. When it comes to protecting your foundation, you may wonder “is basement waterproofing worth it” or should you gamble and wait to repair issues as they happen?

For most homeowners, the answer is simple: basement waterproofing is always the right plan. Read on to learn why!

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

When trying to answer the question “is basement waterproofing worth it?” it’s important to begin by looking at these major benefits to basement waterproofing:

Reinforced Foundation

The number one reason that basement waterproofing is worth it for almost every homeowner is the reinforcement of your home’s foundation. As the name implies, your foundation is the most important part of your home! It forms the basis for the stability of your home – keeping your property and family safe.

Without basement waterproofing, foundations are vulnerable to the constant assault of moisture and hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding ground. While some basement waterproofing systems directly fortify the foundation with membranes, any waterproofing system will go a long way in protecting it against moisture problems.

The long-term benefit of a protected foundation can’t be overstated! Foundation failures can be catastrophic. Even when foundation damage is minor, these cracks can introduce moisture into your home, leading to mold, insects and more!

Improved Home Air Quality

Is basement waterproofing worth it for better air quality in your home? For most homeowners, the answer would be an emphatic “Yes!” Indoor air quality can be a major concern for families. Mildew and mold introduce spores into your home’s air that can exacerbate respiratory issues or even lead to new ones! The smells they leave behind are off-putting and may make you avoid using your basement as much as possible.

Unfortunately, poor air quality in your basement due to moisture and mold isn’t a problem that’s limited just to basements. Air in your home tends to circulate, especially if you travel in and out of your basement often. Low-quality air can circulate throughout a home for a long time before it’s pushed out and fresher air is pulled in.

Basement waterproofing solutions can be as simple as installing an E-Z Breathe to reduce moisture in the air and keep your home’s air quality pristine! You may discover that, after reducing the moisture levels in your basement, you or your family (including your pets!) stop getting sick as often due to the decrease in contaminants in the air.

Reduced Risk of Costly Repairs

Damage to your home due to water intake or on-going hydrostatic pressure can be expensive. Repairs could range in the tens of thousands or more depending on how severe the damage is.

While you may think of a basement waterproofing system as a safeguard against flooding, it’s more importantly a safeguard against the expenses of repairing your home after sudden or chronic moisture damage.

Drain tile systems, reliable sump pumps and proper grading are all parts of a basement waterproofing solution that stops water from pushing against your home in the first place. Without them, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when the pressure and moisture will eventually crack through the foundation and cause problems in your home. For some lucky homeowners, it may take decades, but it can happen quickly! And once water intrusion starts, it continues to worsen if not addressed quickly.

Improved Resale Value

Maybe you’re not planning to stay in your home forever; basement waterproofing still has value for you! The long-term protection offered by a thorough basement waterproofing is something that stays with the house for years, no matter who owns it.

When it comes time to sell your property, a home with a basement waterproofing system is incredibly appealing! Even in areas where it may not rain as often or as heavily as others, flash floods and heavy storms can happen anywhere – and homeowners looking for a reliable property investment will appreciate a home that’s low-risk for moisture issues.

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