Toxic House Syndrome & Air Quality: What You Need to Know

By:    |   Published September 30, 2015
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With the hot summer days shifting to crisp fall nights, many homeowners are getting ready for the colder months. Kiddie pools, outdoor patio furniture, and backyard grills are being put away in exchange for cozy blankets, fireplaces, and sealed-up windows making the house more air tight. You’re probably spending more time in the basement organizing and putting away summer items. You might even start to notice that you or your family members are suffering from an increase in runny noses, watery eyes, coughs that linger, or even headaches. Is it the change in weather or is it something more serious? Ever heard of Toxic House Syndrome?

One of the biggest problems during the changing seasons is the exchange of fresh air circulating through your house in the warmer months for stale, polluted air circulating inside the home during the colder months. Based on a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 90 percent of our time is spent indoors and indoor air quality can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. Even worse, poor air quality in the home accounts for more than 80 percent of people who are at risk for respiratory conditions.

Common Signs of Toxic House Syndrome

Often times, people associate the colder months with cold and flu season. But did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental risks to public health? Shutting the windows and breathing in the same stale air for months at a time can cause a whole host of health issues. Some common signs of poor air quality include:

  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

You might think that you have a virus, but it might actually be something much more serious.

Is Your Basement the Culprit?

The area of your home that has the least amount of ventilation is your basement. Basements tend to have the highest levels of humidity in the home and is the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. Many suffer from severe allergic reactions to mold in the home and don’t even realize it. Other allergens that start in your basement include: fungus, bacteria, and dust mites.

Proper ventilation can control indoor humidity and air born contaminants, but most homes have a closed loop ventilation system that simply recirculates the same air in the home over and over again. The recirculation of air causes a buildup of contaminates that will eventually become hazardous and in some cases even deadly.

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