Common Causes & Solutions for a Wet Carpet in the Basement

By:    |   Published June 10, 2021
Man removes wet carpet in basement after rain.

So, you have dealt with a wet carpet in your basement. Yuck! It is not one of the most fun parts of being a homeowner. You have probably figured out your exact steps by now of cleaning everything up and getting everything dry. But you are smart, you know there is something more you should do besides just dealing with this wet basement carpet problem you have. You can prevent it from happening in the first place. You’re in the right place, so let’s get right to it!

Find Out Why You Have a Wet Carpet in the Basement

Now you might be thinking this is obvious and if you already know why, then you might want to just skim through this section. Especially if you know your basement carpet got wet due to rain. Many homeowners have dealt with a wet carpet in the basement after rain. It is an unfortunate, but serious issue to not only get handled, but stopping it from ever happening again. That starts with the finding out why it’s happening in the first place!

To find out why your basement carpet is wet, you need to find the source. The root cause of the water problem in many cases can be tracked down, it just might take a little time. So, what are some possible culprits for why your basement carpet is wet?

You Could Have Some Leaky Plumbing

If you have owned a home long enough you’ve probably dealt with a plumbing issue somewhere along the way. Leaks causing your basement carpet to take on water could be drainage pipes, appliance failure like a water heater going out, or even a sewer system backup.

Usually if you find your basement carpet is wet and it is a plumbing issue, you’ll know it right away. This is one common cause for a wet carpet in the basement and can usually be dealt with and fixed by your local professional plumber relatively quickly.

Other reasons for your basement carpet getting wet are a bit harder to spot right away, but they are still just as serious as a leaky pipe.

High Humidity Levels Causing Condensation

Especially in the summer, when humid hot outside air meets the cool air of your basement it can cause condensation which can lead to wet carpet in your basement. Basement condensation can also lead to other nasty symptoms like rusty appliances, mold, and efflorescence.

Thankfully air humidity levels are an easier solution than some other problems you could be having. The recommendation for this reason for your wet carpet would be an E-Z Breathe ® which, unlike a dehumidifier, exchanges stale air for fresh air. This protects against excess moisture and poor air quality.

Your Basement Carpet May be Wet Due to Rain

This might not even be your first time seeing wet carpet in your basement when it rains.

Long story short, if it just rained outside and your carpet is wet, there is some strong correlation.  It’s a slim chance that your basement carpet is wet after rain that due to something besides the rain. Knowing it just rained and your basement is one thing is a good observation, but it is not really going to help you out.

There are a couple common symptoms you can watch for if you notice your basement carpet is wet after rain. If you notice the carpet is wet in the middle of the floor, it could be due to rising ground water. If the water is closer to the basement walls, it is likely you have groundwater resting against your foundation and finding a way inside your basement. If you find water around the perimeter inside your basement it can be due cracks in your foundation, poor landscape grading , or even cove joint failure.

Thankfully, both symptoms have the same solution.

You can tell yourself the reason your basement carpet is wet is due to the rain, but you have got to stop thinking that way if you do not want this problem to occur again. A wet basement should not just be brushed aside as if it is a normal thing that everyone has to deal with.

The fact is it is not normal. There are plenty of homeowners out there that chose to stop dealing with their basement getting wet after heavy rain.

How can you join them?

Stop Blaming the Rain for Your Wet Basement

Before you can put an end to your basement woes, you need to take control of the issue at hand instead of simply dealing with it. Sure, you can go through that process repeatedly, but wouldn’t you rather stop the issue from happening ever again? It is time to stop blaming the rough weather for getting your basement carpet wet.

You should not worry about things you cannot control. The weather is one of those factors unfortunately we have no control over. However, you can control what happens inside and around your home when those rainy days come.

So, rain and other weather will always be a factor of the equation you have to work with. Right now, you may be balancing out that equation by just simply dealing with your carpet getting wet when it rains. There is another way to balance the equation.

This solution is a simple one that will surely provide you peace of mind for all the rainy days ahead!

Prevent Your Basement Carpet from Getting Wet Due to Rain Forever

There are several keys that can help your basement carpet from ever getting wet.

  • Keeping water away from your foundation with proper gutters and downspouts.
  • Protecting your foundation naturally with appropriate landscape grading.
  • Seal any cracks you see on your basement walls.

These solutions are simple, cost effective ways that will help your overall strategy in keeping your basement dry. However, as many homeowners experience, you can still have issues with heavy rain getting your basement wet. This is especially true in cases where rising levels of groundwater the cause to increasing moisture levels.

For a permanent fix that prevents water from resting against your foundation or basement floor, you need a system that will control the flow of the water.

The Best Solution to Stopping Your Basement Carpet from Getting Wet Due to Rain

A Professional Waterproofing System

No matter what you do outside of installing a waterproofing system, there is always a good chance with enough rain, groundwater levels can rise around your home and find a way into your basement. Obviously, if you have carpet in your basement, it will ultimately be wet because of this rain. If you take good measures like we mentioned you will have better odds of defeating the weather. A professional waterproofing system is the best way to control where the rainwater ends up.

The previous tactics we mentioned before are all things you can see and fix when something is wrong. Those are the above ground defenses to water. It is what you don’t see that will make the biggest impact on keeping your basement carpet dry for good.

A professional waterproofing system will control the ground water around your home, so it doesn’t just rest against your foundation, but is discharged away from your home instead. You can almost think of it like an underground gutter and downspout system.

Get the peace of mind you deserve! Dealing with wet carpet in your basement once due to rain is one time too many. Now you know you will never have to deal with it again with the proper systems in place.

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