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Basement Waterproofing Options

Keeping your basement moisture free is important for the safety of your health and your home. The only way to effectively prevent mold and moisture buildup in your basement is with a professional waterproofing service. EverDry Toledo specializes in basement waterproofing in northern Ohio and southeast Michigan.

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EverDry Toledo has multiple basement waterproofing options available. Whether you’re looking for a complete interior and exterior waterproofing, or just waterproofing basement walls to prevent leaks, you can request a quote online today!

Choose the solution which suits you best:

Option 1

Interior Waterproofing

Indoor waterproofing diverts water from the foundation toward the sump pump, so that it can be discharged outside your home.

We've developed the Pressure Relief System®, an inside waterproofing option that handles hydrostatic pressure that exists under a basement.

Pressure causes water seepage, and leads to discoloration and mold or cracks in the floors and walls. The inside system includes a pressure relief pump and piping that releases water in the walls.

EverDry Exterior Basement System Diagram and Process Warranty applies to area serviced (i.e. wall area only) - some exclusions apply

Option 2

Exterior Waterproofing

This exterior approach involves removing the earth away from basement walls (where possible), cleaning and recoating the walls, and updating the existing drain tile. Additionally, the idea is to treat any foundation cracks etc., that are found, to attempt to prevent future seepage. This system relies on the structural integrity of the original foundation basement walls, and can only be performed where access can be gained to those areas.

You should be aware that this method is also fairly comprehensive and that some disruption to landscape and or side walk areas, along with resettlement, is to be expected.

EverDry Exterior Basement System Diagram and Process Warranty applies to area serviced (i.e. wall area only) - some exclusions apply

Option 3

Multi-Step System

This inside, outside and indoor environmental approach to total foundation protection gets its name, and its patent, from its ability to resolve the entire water problem vs. just one or two parts of it like option 1, or option 2.

The Multi-Step System gets its popularity by not only solving the current problem, but preventing future ones as well as improving the comfort and health of the homes indoor atmosphere.

The Complete EverDry Multi-Step System Diagram and Process. Warranty applies to area serviced (i.e. wall footer, floor, etc.) - Warranty is renewable and transferable